Improving the candidate response rate
Increasing the placement rate

Our core competence is headhunting. Therefore we do not do any interim staffing, contractual staffing, coaching or interim management… but rather headhunting. Exclusively. However, headhunting is not an easy job at all, but we try to keep it as simple as possible for our customers to deal with. Therefore, you’ll hardly ever hear this well-known sweet talk like “TOP candidates” or “high potentials” from a Crowbell consultant.

Our approach is primarily to provide our customers with the best investments in human capital one can find on the market. Tell us what you want, where, when, in what form, at what price you want it, and we are going to find what will meet your requirements.

Recruiting Services


Comparison of the job description, personality and culture with the current market situation

Initial Contact

Identification of potential candidates with subsequent approach and qualification


Motivate candidates to apply and evaluate their qualifications

Value Added Headhunter

Your support is provided by consultants who bring comprehensive life, professional and industry experience, so that you not only have method competence, but above all also professional competence available. This ensures the professional and personal understanding of your vacancies.

Size Does Matter

It goes without saying that reputable executive search consultants do not headhunt their clients’ employees. Therefore, the larger a recruitment consultancy is and the more clients it has, the more limited the pool of potential candidates that can be approached on your behalf. With a consultancy of more limited size like ours, you consequently have a large candidate pool instead of a big name – and that, after all, is the size that really matters in the end.

Crowbell always delivers just the perfect solution for you and your business