All business is people business“, which is why in a field as specialized in business between people as personnel consulting, in addition to a first-class education, experience is needed above all – but as we all know, you can’t learn it, you have to get it. That is why at Crowbell, as at all renowned human resources consultancies, you will only find consultants with extensive life, professional and management experience.

In addition, a major reason for our clients’ success in filling open positions is certainly our philosophy in dealing with candidates and companies alike. At Crowbell, we offer a personal and flexible approach, combined with a high level of professionalism and integrity, ensuring a service of the highest effectiveness and quality.

We are particularly proud of the extraordinarily positive feedback we have received both from our clients

  • We have already worked with other consultants, but with you it is simply more sustainable
  • We are super happy and would like to thank you for your and your colleagues’ work!
  • I am very happy to have Jane Doe on my team. Thank you for bringing us together. It really was a 100% match!
  • Thank you for the as always trustful and constructive cooperation – and the sometimes even needed open words

as well as from our candidates

  • Thank you for bringing us together!
  • Thank you Crowbell for my dream job!
  • The process with Crowbell and Thomas himself was really great. Thank you for the absolutely fantastic support!
  • Thanks again for headhunting me, I feel incredibly happy at my new employer!

which is both kudos and encouragement for us.


We prefer informal chats to ineffectual meetings. Information is forwarded when it is current and not just “presented” at some stage


We favour helpful cooperation over important-looking organisational charts


We focus on individual responsibility instead of external control


We do what we do because we want to, not because the clock shows a certain time or because someone somewhere wrote something as a guideline


We are grounded, and we stand by it. With roots and wings, as Goethe already called it. Not just with methodical competence but appreciative. From time to time unconventional, but strictly value-conservative.


We have been dealing with recruitment consulting for more than 35 years, and we also intend to continue to do so for (at least) the next 35 years. Experience in this area of business is by no means to be replaced – except by even more experience.


Because we fully remain focused on direct search we are able to accomplish a most outstanding candidate presentation quota of more than 99%. Besides, we achieve a far above-average placement ratio of 3:2, i.e. on average two out of three candidates with which our customers are conducting an interview are eventually going to be hired.


Start in Cardiff
Start in Cardiff

Crowbell was originally founded in Cardiff in July 1981 as a service-only partnership by a group of seasoned professionals, Thomas R. Kirbergh, Kay Adkins, Jan Bergh, Mark McKinney and Mitch Waldron.

JobExpress is founded
JobExpress is founded

JobExpress was founded in 1994, when the monopoly of the employment office fell and private recruitment was allowed for the first time in Germany, by the two veterans of the industry, Karl Hecken and Herbert Merk.

Thomas Grüske joins them
Thomas Grüske joins them

In 1998 Thomas Grüske, who had previously worked in various management positions in sales, marketing and training at Forbes 100 companies, joined the company, which then grew to more than 30 offices and became the number 1 recruitment organization in Germany.

Crowbell Ltd. becomes a corporation
Crowbell Ltd. becomes a corporation

In order to be prepared for the further development also with regard to the international market, Crowbell was converted into a corporation in 2003. The company continued to grow rapidly, not least due to the close partnership with Germany’s largest private recruitment organization JobExpress and its sister company PMB International.

Across the pond
Across the pond

Since 2006 the Crowbell Ltd. UK is majority owned by US-based Cephel Investments, and sister company Crowbell USA was founded.


Thomas R. Kirbergh
Chairman of the Board

Thomas Grüske
Chief Executive Officer

Mark McKinney
Chief Financial Officer

Dr. Markus Cordes
Vice President, HR Management

Albert Hahn
Executive Partner

Ryan Anderson
Country Manager Canada

Burak Gücer
Country Manager Turkey

Rabbiya Khan
Country Manager United Kingdom

Srijaj Raman
Country Manager UAE

Pascal Spiro
Country Manager France

Crowbell always delivers just the perfect solution for you and your business