Indeed there is a story about our logo. It is not a randomly chosen anonymous artificial product or the initial letters of the company founder, but it has a very concrete background.

We were looking for a name, which – of course – should be catchy, but should also be related to our activity. In addition, he had to be perceived as an independent concept. Not quite as simple as imagined, because who would want to have a truffle pig as a heraldic animal?

Crow” is the first component of our company name. Crows are among the most intelligent animals, and they provide amazing performances. They can plan complex actions in advance, close up hidden causes, put themselves in others, and use different ways and methods of feeding. Lots of abilities that make the crow predestined as a symbol for us.

A part of the company name was thus found, however an addition to a less “animalistic” overall concept was missing.

The second part of the name, “bell”, not only means “bell” as such but also “telephone call”, and the bow was strained to the well-known “when the headhunter calls”.