Career with Crowbell

Head-hunter – Consultant – Partner – Researcher – Project Manager – Recruiter – Personnel Consultant – Candidate Seeker – Account Manager – Recruitment Specialist



Have we forgotten anything? It doesn’t matter, it should be clear by now what we’re talking about. Here are the details:

Your Qualifications

You’re fed up with the usual personnel consultancy and sweet talk like “executive search“, “TOP candidates” or “high potentials“? You finally want to experience what it’s like to be a personnel consultant with less stress and more fun, but even more successful than before?

As we all know, man’s origins come from hunters, collectors and trappers. And exactly these characteristics are needed for the job! You’re familiar with the terms “ident” and “first contact”? You can create a target company list from a search profile? You know how to establish contact to the right candidates? You’re adept at being discreet, but working purposefully and with a success-oriented attitude? You find it enjoyable to achieve concrete results at high speed? Then you might find the right job with us!

Do you have a solid educational background, are you sales oriented and able to think and act entrepreneurially? Do you pick things up quickly, are you sociable charming & articulate as well as persuasive, headstrong and well-organised with discipline and a definite need to succeed? In other words: Do you have “bite”? Do you enjoy being around others, is your ability to communicate your secret weapon and is working daily over the phone, on the computer and online second nature to you?

First of all: You don’t have to have experience in the job; we supply you with all the tools. “Too old” is just as meaningless to us as “too young”. Nor does it matter what you’ve done until now, but rather what you want to do and most of what you’re confident doing – and that’s neither to be seen on CVs nor certificates. You’re the only one who can know.

The job is not only suited to those thinking of changing professions, but also to those who want to take on a second job, half-day job, part-time job or student job as well as those who may have physical disabilities. Why not give it a try?!

The income opportunities will undoubtedly satisfy you. In addition, we place a lot of emphasis on enjoying what we do. You can also expect further perspectives and career opportunities within the company group.

Preferable, but not required, would be an Economics degree or well-grounded business training as well as experience in personnel consulting / arbitration.

The Company

Having the freedom of independence, but the security of a large organisation; Being the master of one’s own house, while being able to fall back on the complete infrastructure of a large company; Making company decisions by yourself, but not being a lone wolf. That’s how best to describe the philosophy of our organisation.

Sound appealing? Then we can become partners. If you’re interested, read on: Crowbell™ has been on the market since it has been allowed to recruit personnel via private companies in Germany, thus being not only the most experienced but also the oldest personnel consulting organisation (however, we are not a “job agency”). We were able to prove our competence in the past years with many thousand job positions being filled successfully. None-too-positive economic situations only increased our endeavour, and with it our growth in contrast to our competition, as we chose not to complain about the situation, but rather go on with the job, supplying the market with the right concept at the right time. With the change in the market place a lot of companies (and job seekers) are looking for other forms of personnel consulting. With this in mind, we’ve developed new concepts which were successfully tested and greeted with a high level of acceptance on the market. We’d like to point out that we do not conform to the classic picture of the personnel “consultant” (you know what we’re talking about, those people dressed in dashing, streamlined suits, pretending to be the most important person on the planet), but rather as employees of a commercial organisation.

The position

…can be designed largely by yourself. You are the advisor, the manager, the coach… and, of course, most-importantly the salesperson responsible for successfully marketing and supplying interested companies with the available products and services either individually or in combination with others.

Have you, for example, already seen professional personnel consulting in action as a highly-specialised, highly-qualified business machine for high-quality capital goods? You’ll be surprised at how much positive resonance (50% and more) results from good preparation!

Furthermore, with this capital you can tap the potential of additional offers, or, if you like, the other way around. It depends solely on what you find most enjoyable and where you want to work.

Your physical presence in our office is not required; you should be able to work from home. Starting can be immediate and as a part-time or full-time co-operational partner on an independent basis.

Your application

is requested via email and only by email. This is because our highly-effective decentralised structure works completely electronically. The only time we need paper is when we blow our noses… for instance 😉

Please consider Mr Chris K. Railley your first contact and write to him via our contact form on this site.