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Your career opportunity in Human Resources Consulting: The market is constantly developing in our favor, sales in our industry are increasing continuously. If you are a Human Resources Consultant, want to become one – or perhaps want to develop from a “social network recruiter” or “active sourcing recruiter” to a professional top headhunter and want to be successful in an international team with lots of fun, we might be a good match:

The Position

There are many terms for this: Executive search, headhunting, human resources consulting…. it all means the same thing in principle. Only please don’t confuse it with employment agency, which is pretty much the opposite of it! Our understanding of executive search differs in several ways from what is conventionally associated with it, and the buzzwords of lean processes and the paperless office have been a reality for us for a long time. Apart from that, we prefer to be unconventional and creative, we do things differently and are more effective and successful as a result.

You are a business development manager, project leader, account manager, consultant, coach… and of course especially and first and foremost also a professional, reliable and trustworthy counselor. Counslor? Well, the whole process during the filling of a vacancy is a very intensive consultation and support process in several directions, and that’s why we treat it like this.

As a consultant, you are the primary contact for your clients – the employers – when filling open positions. You coordinate the requirements profile with them, conduct the briefing with your research colleagues, filter out from the potential candidates in discussions and interviews those who are most suitable for the position and thus for presentation to the employer, and guide the candidates through the interview process until they cross the finish line, the employment contract..

You will be able to fully focus on your role as Project Manager and will not need to conduct candidate research in this position, this service will be provided to you by Crowbell.

Your start as a partner would be possible in full or part time.

Your Qualification

Man is known to be descended from hunters, gatherers and trappers. Exactly these skills are required in this job! You can be discreet, but target-oriented and success-oriented? Do you enjoy achieving concrete results in a short time? Then you might find the right job with us!

What you need is a solid intellectual basis, sales orientation as well as entrepreneurial thinking and acting. In addition, you should have good comprehension skills, be sociable, charming and articulate, as well as persuasiveness, tenacity, good self-organization, discipline and a strong will to succeed – in other words, you have “bite”. In addition, you are a passionate team player, you enjoy working with people, you have excellent communication skills, and your daily work with the media of telephone, PC and Internet comes easily to you.

Becoming a Human Resources Consultant is a very personal decision. You don’t become it because you’ve learned it or studied it, but because you want to. You don’t have to have done the job yet, you can get all the tools from us.

The job is not only suitable for career changers, but can also be done part-time in basically all cases. The income prospects will more than satisfy you – and in addition, we attach great importance to the fact that we enjoy what we do and have a lot of fun doing it.

An academic education or comparable knowledge as well as several years of professional and preferably also management experience are desirable.

The Company

There is no substitute for experience in a task such as human resources consulting. Crowbell has been in business for over 40 years – and has been active in the German market since it was first allowed to place personnel through private companies. We are therefore not just “any” executive search firm, but were one of the first companies in Germany to receive market access with licensing and approval. Crowbell is therefore one of the oldest and most experienced executive search firms in Germany – and you can benefit from this experience. Worldwide, we have long been one of the most important companies in our industry and have been able to prove our competence through several thousand placements over the past years.

We see ourselves not so much as conventional Human Resources “Consultants”, but rather as members of a service organization focused on people. We don’t play buzzword bingo, but work goal-oriented and pragmatically in the sense of the best possible result for all parties involved. After all this, you will certainly not be surprised that we rely on the support of the most technologically advanced workflow management system in the world.

Your Application

is requested via email and only by email. This is because our highly-effective decentralised structure works completely electronically. The only time we need paper is when we blow our noses… for instance 😉

For initial contact, please contact Chris K. Railley at